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Teaching And Learning, Tai Chi And Writing: The Power Of Friendship

Any man who tries to teach me something is a brave man in for a great struggle, I have left a bloody wake of broken teachers behind me in my journey through life. Every Thursday at 1 p.m., we meet at Pompanuck Farm for an hour (it’s usually 90 minutes). For the first 30 minutes, Scott teaches me Tai Chi. ...

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Benefits Of Tai Chi (Hint: It’s Not Just For The Elderly)

If you’ve ever seen a skilled practitioner of tai chi in motion, you know that it is a beautiful practice, with an almost hypnotic quality. Recently, research has been uncovering significant health benefits that stem from the art of tai chi. Much of this research has centered around older adults and the elderly, but people of all ages can benefit, ...

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How Tai Chi Can Help Conquer Fear of Falling as We Age

The odds of a bone-shattering fall increase with age, as muscles grow weak and vision fades. Yet seniors who fear falling are at higher risk of falling, research shows, even if they have never taken a spill before. Those most fearful of falling may decide to avoid risk by avoiding activity—and then grow weaker and more likely to fall as ...

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The Forgotten (Female) Pioneers of Tai Chi in the West

Sophia Delza—an American with her own established career in dance and choreography—was also compelled to learn the Chinese martial art of tai chi while in Shanghai during that very same year. Like most westerners at the time, neither women had any exposure to tai chi, but both quickly found value in what they were witnessing. In a pair of trailblazing ...

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4 Methods of Dongyue Taiji — Part 2 – YouTube

Dongyue Taiji was declared by China to be the “Taiji for the new millennium“ when unveiled on January 1, 2000. Despite being a new innovation, Dongyue Taiji is firmly rooted in traditional principles with a heavy emphasis on basics. This issue is available for purchase online: http://www.martialartsmart.com/kf-200… Article and Image courtesy of youtube.com  

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THE TAIJI MANUAL OF LI XIANWU | Brennan Translation Looking back over the millennia, practitioners of boxing arts are beyond counting, but it can be said that boxing theories are rather sparse. This causes people to look upon boxing arts as very minor and not worthy to be placed alongside other forms of learning – a very depressing attitude. At ...

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Types of Qigong

There are many forms and styles of Qigong, but they all fit into one of three main categories: Medical Qigong to heal self and others Martial Qigong for physical prowess Spiritual Qigong for enlightenment Generally, all Qigong practitioners incorporate exercises and techniques from all three categories–the only difference is their focus. Medical Qigong This is the most popular of the ...

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