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THE TAIJI MANUAL OF LI XIANWU | Brennan Translation Looking back over the millennia, practitioners of boxing arts are beyond counting, but it can be said that boxing theories are rather sparse. This causes people to look upon boxing arts as very minor and not worthy to be placed alongside other forms of learning – a very depressing attitude. At ...

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SunLive – What’s On: Relaxing with Tai Chi – The Bay’s News First

Good morning Sunners, if you are looking for spiritual enlightenment or just to feel good why not try out Taoist Tai Chi. Tai Chi helps to “tame the heart” and develop an attitude of calm, compassion and reduced self-centredness, both during practice and in daily life. If you are interested and want to find out more, then contact Neale on ...

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Tai Chi History

In his own preface to the ‘Encyclopedia of Taijiquan’ published in 1933, Yang Cheng-Fu recorded a sentence attributed to his grandfather Yang Lu-Chan. “Taijiquan was created by Zhang San-Feng at the end of the Song Dynasty. Development continued through one, Wang Zhongyue, Chen Zhouting, Zhang Songki, Jiang Fa.” Xu Zhiyi said something similar in his ‘General Introduction to Taijiquan’, published ...

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Tai Chi

I’m a dozen years into learning Tai Chi. Tai Chi, an internal-style martial art, is so exquisitely subtle, most practitioners never feel like they have come close to fathoming it.  But every class I take, I get further insights into what Tai Chi is all about. Which really is what life is all about. Article and Image courtesy of hinessight.blogs.com ...

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Can tai chi help relieve knee joint pain? – Channel NewsAsia

(Reuters Health) – Tai chi may work as well as traditional physical therapy for easing pain in people with knee osteoarthritis, a small study suggests. To see if tai chi – a Chinese meditation practice that combines deep breathing and slow, fluid movements – might be a good alternative to physical therapy, researchers randomly assigned about 200 people with knee ...

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Tai Chi Shown to Increase Brain Size | Breaking Muscle

Tai Chi Shown to Increase Brain Size | Breaking Muscle T’ai chi ch’uan, better known as Tai Chi in the English language, is gaining popularity worldwide. This trial showed increases in brain volume as well as cognitive improvements. The group that did not participate in Tai Chi actually showed brain shrinkage, consistent with what has been observed with people in ...

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Off Balance ? Try Tai Chi for Seniors – Caregiver Relief – Caregiver Relief

Tai chi for seniors is a healthy exercise that simultaneously relaxes and invigorates the body. Many individuals perform tai chi, also spelled t’ai chi, as an alternative to a more dynamic workout, yet still reap the numerous benefits associated with a focused approach to body movement.   Tai Chi Benefits and the Health Care Community The health community continuously studies ...

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Why You Need To Try Tai Chi : Conscious Life News

Now, in many ways, Western medicine is catching up, particularly when it comes to utilizing tai chi moves to improve the mind, body and heart. A growing number of people around the world are now interested in traditional Eastern systems of healing — including Tai chi, yoga, acupuncture and meditation — due to mounting evidence that they can help prevent and ...

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